Anna’s adventures for her Father

Anna is a post doc researcher from Japan, she is now living here in the Bay Area while most of her family is in Japan, so it was really exciting news for Anna that her Father would be coming to visit her. I met Anna while she was looking for a car that her Father could use because Father requested to borrow her car so he could do some sightseeing in and maybe some camping out of, Anna’s current car just wouldn’t do the job. 

anna 2Anna picked out the car she thought would be perfect for her Father here on the Anderson Honda lot, but it would take her 3 weeks before she could take it home. At first her Father wired her money all the way from Japan for the car, but it never came through so they had to try again this time straight into Anna’s account. Then when the money did come through Anna withdrew all of it, this made her incredibly nervous to have such a large amount of money on her so I drove over to the bank and I picked her up and we drove directly to Anderson Honda.

Anna 1Now she has a great used car that her dad will borrow when he visits from Japan shortly to take rock climbing. He loves that he will be able to fold the back seats down and sleep inside and Anna loves that her father will be able to do the things he loves independently while he stays with her. 

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