A “KEY” to good Customer Service

Adi Mallikarjuna Vanteddu

This is a picture of Adi Mallikarjuna and myself at his Yahoo work parking lot. My favorite memory of working with Adi Mallikarjuna was sitting in his brand new CR-V just as he was about to pull out, and he told me how much he appreciated my help. I love that! He was so sincere and so loving his new car. This was funny timing because I had just told him that I couldn’t find his extra key so I was sending him home with just one. He just smiled and assured me that it would show up and it would be all good. I felt the same (it was, after all, Labor Day weekend, towards the end of a CRAZY 4 days of cars sales). Long story short… after the Labor day madness ended, BOOM! there was the key and I drove to Sunnyvale, CA Yahoo’s campus and delivered the extra keys to a very happy Adi Mallikarjuna. Woohoo!

About The Fool's Journey

From 0 books written and a 0 person list to 50k in book sales. What!!?
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